I took the time today to move the protobuf-rpc-pro library from GoogleCode to GitHub. The new link:

There has been a lot of ranting and raving in the developer community about this decision to discontinue the GoogleCode service. Personally I can understand that it doesn’t bring any revenue to Google and Google’s own developers would prefer to use GitHub. I had also started using GitHub for new projects and so now consolidating protobuf-rpc-pro into GitHub is convenient for me.

The automatic export tool did all the heavy lifting and converted the repository from SVN to Git. A year ago i  might not have been so happy. I took my time transitioning to Git because it did bring with it a fair learning curve ( even after I’ve learned RCS, CMVC, CVS and SVN in the past ) – but after the pain there was some gain.


I’ve decided to rename my conceptual work called SMT to be now

TDMXTrusted Domain Messaging eXchange

to highlight the main concept of mutual authorization and domain based trust ( extending on X.509 ).

I’ve grabbed the domain in order to transition to the implementation phase, now that the technology proof-of-concept phase is drawing to a close. Stay tuned for more info.